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About Us

LabRat Liquids was started in December of 2013 as a way to find a perfect all-day vape. I found that many of the dessert or bakery e-liquids available on the market were too sweet and I would get sick of them after a few hours. I set out to develop delicious bakery e-liquid flavors that you could vape for a long period of time without getting tired of them or making your coil gunk up. By August 2014, I had developed several flavors and had tested them with vapers and friends and we knew we had something that was really good. The site was launched to great success and has continued to provide quality e-liquids at great prices.

Our e-liquid is made in the lab at Fluid Vapor in Bohemia, NY and we are known to have some of the best dessert e-liquids available. I'd like to thank you for checking us out and I invite you to try our delicious flavors.